Zacky here! And this is my askfiolee blog :) This blog is full of fiolee stuff~ This isnt my personal blog. My personal blog is Zacky16. So if you interested in me, and my art or drawing, then please follow me!
My favorite vocaloid:Gumi

My favorite vocaloid:Gumi

My favorite vocaloid:Gumi

My favorite vocaloid:Gumi

Changing my askfiolee’s title :(

Guys…super sad announcement :(
I’m going to change the title of my askfiolee blog…Guys..i know some of you liked my askfiolee blog..But i just couldn’t keep up with it…I dont think i’m going to quit, i’m just going to change the title to my tumblr name: Zacky, since i noticed i became super inactive in updating my fiolee blog. AskFiolee is my primary blog, not my personal blog. My personal blog is my secondary so whenever i would ask questions, my fiolee blog is the one who is shown to be asking..which is kind of disturbing. So…if your looking for my askfiolee blog, dont worry cause i didnt delete it, i’m just going to change the title into: ZackyBago :) Sorry guys…Since i didnt actually delete the fiolee blog…if i would have time or have the mood to answer, then I will. Again…I’m sorry…

If you guys didnt understand me. (due to my weak english) Then just message me. Ask me things that your concern with, or other stuff you didnt understand on this text. (Guys~ sorry for my weak english)

Anonymous asked: Nee, nee, Onee-san! (/ω\) Why don't you have an ask button for your personal blog? Wont you accept random requests from followers? ಥ_ಥ

Really? I don’t? I dont know„,:”’< I’ll check it out and if there really isnt. I’ll try to do something about it. :3 

I would do request~! <3 But the question is; would people really ask request from me? I’m new to this art stuff, and I’m not so confident :”) But if people would ask for request, I’ll do my absolute BEST! <3 

Anonymous asked: What happened you used to post all the time now you post rarely it's starting to make me sad.

I’m really sorry…:”<
Well…you might find this annoying but honestly, I’m putting my askfiolee blog on hold. I’m currently working really hard on my REAL art works. I wanna improve really bad so It’s like my main  priority right now. I’m sorry if you miss the askfiolee blog…I do aswell…but…I’m just really focusing on my personal blog right now. Hope you’d understand. </3

marshy101 asked: YOU ARE LIKE totally my favorite zacky!When im sad or mad i go to your blog and it makes me happy you are the best like oh my glob!

Thank you so much :)) <3